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Mini Morta Oddity

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This pipe has the most ridiculous backstory of anything on our site. It's an estate, in the sense that I've smoked it myself, but it's never been sold. I'm only posting it now with some reluctance, because if we were not trying to raise every possible penny to pay for Emily's surgery, I'd prefer to just keep this one myself. It's a great smoker and I find it ideal for sampling tobaccos in, plus it's the perfect size and shape and weight for a smoke while sitting at the computer getting in fifteen minutes of typing work.

So, the story! Back when we first moved to France, there was a period after we took over the existing pipe shop where we continued to warranty the pipes sold by the previous owner. During this time, a fellow came into the shop with a pipe like this which had a split shank. "No problem", says I, and I tell him we'll make him a new bowl in the same shape to fit his existing stem. So, I make the bowl, put it together and polish it up, and call him to tell him it's ready to be picked up.

Two years pass.

We called back a couple times to no avail, so the pipe just sat in our shop's display case waiting. After two years of being abandoned, one day the pipe was shoplifted! I walked out and it was gone from the case.

The NEXT DAY, the original owner arrives after two years, wanting his pipe. I apologize, explaining the theft, and tell him I'll make another like it as replacement. I do this, and call him when it's done.

...and that was the last I ever heard from him. The pipe sat in our case for another two YEARS until we finally moved back from France to the US. It came back here with me and I still kept it around for a while, knowing that this guy would email me wanting it as soon as I sold it. The final straw came when I picked it up one day to find a small chewed hole in the bit. There's some form of beetle or insect that loves to munch on horn stems, and somewhere along the trip from France to USA, it was found and chewed on. It's a tiny hole (It looks huge in the photo but that's a very magnified photo) and it goes into solid horn so it's not a functional issue, just cosmetic.

I took this as a sign and lit the pipe up myself, and found I loved it. It's a great smoker and its diminutive size makes it ideal for all kinds of tobacco sampling, quick smokes, walking smokes, etc. I've had it here in my office smoking it regularly for about a year now, and wouldn't be selling it now if I wasn't pushed to by our medical bills. I know a lot of guys will probably ask why I didn't put another stem on it and the answer is, it just wouldn't be money-feasible. I could spend an afternoon making a nice handcut stem for it but that wouldn't raise the value of a tiny estate pipe by another couple hundred bucks so there's really no point - The stem it has works fine and will continue to work fine, the chewed bit is purely cosmetic, and the rest of the pipe is practically brand new. It's unstamped, as it was never considered part of our "official" morta production, so I debated a lot on what to price it at but ultimately settled on, "What it would cost for me to give it up" as my pricing guideline.

Hopefully someone out there will enjoy it! And if not, I'll happily keep on smoking it :D

AND, if the guy who never came for it reads this and wants to write in wanting his pipe back after 14 years, NO. It's MINE now, and I'm doing what I want with it, guy. It's not like you didn't have thirteen years to get it back!