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Pricing and Grading 

Anatomy of our Stamping

Anatomy of our Stamping
Anatomy of our Stamping

Anatomy of our Stamping

The diagrams above show our current logo stamps and a typical positioning of the year and grade stamps. Collectors take note - This is the original stamp that we used from '98 to 2002, before switching to a new stamp reading "Talbert Briar" in late 2002 through to 2009. I hope this will make for easier identification of French-made and American-made Talberts on the collector market. The presence of an H or an S stamping indicates one of our older Halloween pipes or a Signature pipe. In 2012 I created our new Talbert Halloween stamp to identify the Halloween pipes and mark them as apart from our regular Talberts- That's what you see in the lower picture. In 2013 I created our new Talbert Yule stamp, to be used solely on each year's set of Yule pipes. I try to make these from November through December, then switch to a new shape each year. Talbert Yule pipes are also noteworhty for their bone-bleached white finishes and a silver bands.

Pricing and Grading

We simplified our pricing and grading in 2009. Previously, we used two grading systems for blasts and smooths. For 2009 and onwards, they have been rolled into one simple ranking, from 1 to 5:

  • 1

    Fully sandblasted pipes with nice grain, Fully rusticated pipes
  • 2

    Full or partly sandblasted pipes with very nice grain, exceptional blasts, etc
    Pipes with our rustication/sandblast fusion finish
  • 3

    Full or partially sandblasted pipes with exceptional grain and exceptional blasts
    Smooth pipes, and pipes with exceptional renditions of our rustication/sandblast fusion finish
  • 4

    Sandblasts that are genuinely mind-blowing
    Smooth pipes with exceptional grain
  • 5

    Only the most flawless smooths get this grade

Signature Grade

Signature grade pipes are pipes of distinctive and complex design, usually involving more labor than a typical freehand shape. Signature grade pipes are individually priced according to quality of briar, blast, and labor. Prices typically range from $800 up through $1600.

Over the course of years, we also produce Halloween pipes and occasionally Yule pipes or pipes for other special occasions. Halloween pipes are always individually priced. Pipe editions in standardized shapes typically fall into the standard pricing and grading scale, with extra charges depending on the series (For example, a set of Yule pipes, each with matching tamper)