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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1702G 

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It's hard to believe we're nearly halfway through the year and haven't posted any 2017 Goblins yet, but followers of our site and social media know what this year has been like for us. However, no year is getting by without Goblins! I wanted the first few to be somewhat more "normal", if such can be said... I get a number of inquiries fairly regularly asking if we ever make Goblins in more practical/classical/lightweight shapes, so I wanted to do a few that were at least a nod in that direction. Where a more typical Goblin would be a giant pipe weighing in at near a hundred grams, this beastie is only half that, with the chamber size of a group 5+ Dunhill coupled with the crazy forward-bouncing shape that seems always in motion, or gathering itself to spring forward again.

The stem is decorated with a ring of German green cumberland and a polished copper ring. The bowl was first darkened to black via a natural trick I know, then carefully blasted over to leave only the grain remaining black for contrasted flame patterns that are visible through the green final tint, and which completes the green & black color matching to the stem ring.