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Pipe & Pint UNSMOKED 16th Anniversary Pipe

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Back in 2014, local pipe shop Pipe & Pint had their 16th anniversary in business, and the owner asked me to do a set of commemorative pipes for the occasion. I wanted something practical and classical, just like the shop itself, so Em and I put our heads together and came up with this tweaked variation of one of our standard Ligne Bretagne designs. The shank bands are all inscribed with "P&P" on the top and "16" on the underside.

I just posted one of this series a few days ago and since then, I've turned up this one also - another unsmoked! The majority of this set were black like this, as we thought it looked sharp against P&P's anniversary-inscribed bands. My general idea was that in size and style, they would be ideal jacket-pocket pipes for traveling and smoking in any occasion.