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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #19C1lb

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The first Ligne Bretagne Collector made this year! When I looked back at my records, I couldn't believe it at first, but the past six months have been such a madhouse of catch-up after my wife's surgeries that I guess I just never tackled one previously. I've been really curious to try this finish on a Collector too, both for the increased labor time allowed and also just for the greater depth and patterns allowed by a larger and thicker-walled bowl.

For those who might be coming to this unaware, Ligne Bretagne Collectors are our handmade 'Top End' pipes for the Ligne Bretagne brand, most of which are machine-cut in standard shapes. Collectors, however, are anything I want them to be, and here I wanted a simple, classical, elegant shape rendered large - It's a big pipe but it carries a pleasantly snakey "S" curve through it from bowl to bit, like all my favorite shapes, and the Rhodesian-like bowl ring and comfortable egg-shaped bowl give a precision contrast to the wildness of the surface texture.

And that texture... While it's not as fineline-complex as some of the 'Extras' we've done, I had a great time just going nuts with the carving, laying in big sweeping arcs, swirls, and an overall dynamic sense of movement that encompasses the shape from every viewing angle. REAL happy with this one.