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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1974lb

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I've mentioned before that we have our own briar-darkening process, which basically turns the wood naturally black instead of coloring via stain. I prefer it to black stain for several reasons - It doesn't rub off on your fingers, it doesn't need any sort of sealing or waxing, and it's just a beautiful finish, IMO at least. I realize this probably sounds insane to be debating over the differences in blacks but that's pipemaking for you. It's not as reflective as a glossy black stained finish and I'm going to experiment a bit here to see if these will sell in matte version. I prefer the matte myself, because you can see all the details of the sandblasted grain better, but I know lots of folks love the shiny. We'll see how it goes.

In this particular case, I've applied the blackening process over the pipe and then sanded it back to enhance the grain contrast on the smooth, polished green bowl rim. Yes, green again... Hey, it's getting towards Christmas!