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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1972lb

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These Ligne Bretagne Princes have always been popular sellers for us, with nice proportions, thick walls, and a decent sized bowl chamber, but Emily has taken this one to another level with the sandblast finish staining work. It was a beautiful ring grain blast with extremely tight rings and dense grain, and she was asking what color I thought it should be stained. I was busy carving pumpkins and gave her my usual, "Just go and make it look awesome"...and wow, she did! This is our first application of this highlighted gradient finish and I'm sure there will be many more, because it came out looking terrific. The coloration begins at the bowl rim with an Autumnal golden orange and fades down the bowl into rich brown and then to jet black on the shank. The contrast is further intensified by detailed grain highlighting that's starkest on the bowl rim and then fades down the upper bowl. It's a beautiful look, and sort of a "reverse-fumed" in sandblast form.