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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1971lb

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A fun Halloween surprise! We had hoped to do multiple shapes inscribed with this curly seasonal carving and offer them for order, but my wife's surprise post-surgery difficulties coupled with extended flu knocked a big hole in that plan. Instead of saying, "Order one like this, we're making ten", this one is it, a unique piece. I suppose if it sells and someone else really wants one like it, we can always make another, but follow-up pipes won't be finished till well after Halloween, probably not till mid-November.

It's a shame we didn't get to do more like this this year because we both love it - It's long, elegant, sinister, and playful all at once, and I absolutely want to sit down and smoke it through a Vincent Price movie. The upper part of the bowl is smooth and unstained, and shows off some beautiful crosscut grain and bird's-eye, while the long stem is just long enough for that churchwarden feel without becoming awkwardly long - As churchwardens go, it's really a very practical length.

Happy Halloween!