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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1970lb

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It's a "Take a break" pipe! We've been doing nothing but intricate detail carving on the Pumpkin pipes for this year, and after a certain number of hours, the brain just gets fried and needs to do something different. This one was actually drilled something like 4-6 months ago but due to various distractions, it never got finished and thus was the perfect side project just for a brief change of pace.

It's another example of our new rustication technique this year, with a fingerprint-like swirl that begins on the bottom and expands outward up the bowl and around the shank. Em and I talked a bit about how to finish it and both decided to try something different - Rather than the usual single color or fumed-top stain, it's opaque black except for a splashed area of unstained cut lines that travels up from the bowl bottom point, flares around the back of the pipe, and flows back down with the carving lines. It makes for a very unusual and exotic look that we'd both like to expand on and experiment with further in future pipes, assuming this one sells! Of course, the nice thing about this unstained "splash" look is that it's easy enough to make the whole bowl solid black, if the buyer prefers.