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Ligne Bretagne October Pipe #1965lb

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Happy Halloween... Again! As I said in the description for the Pumpkins this year, I'd originally set out to make something that was more mid-priced, but then I just thoroughly indulged myself and ran the labor hours for that design into the stratosphere. I STILL wanted to do something that was more accessible, though, so while I was carving the Pumpkin orders, Emily and I worked together to come up with something else we could offer for the season. She sat down and did a bunch of sketches and eventually we both ended up loving this idea - A customized rustication pattern that can be applied to any of our standard Ligne Bretagne shapes.

So, the plan is - We'll take orders for five of these Dublins and make them to order. Once these are sold out, we'll pick a different LB shape and apply the same carving style to it, sell a series of those, and then another until Halloween gets here.

The pipe shown above is the first of the Dublins. Since these are all hand-rusticated, the patterns will vary a bit, but that just means each will be unique, and buyers will be sent photos of their specific pipe prior to shipping to be sure they're happy with them.

The carving is another rendition of our new rustication, coupled with a lot of fineline carving work. Modern folks will probably immediately think it looks very 'Tim Burton', and his artwork was certainly a big influence, but the original inspiration was actually the children's book art of Jan Pienkowski:

Emily had a number of his books when she was a kid, and always loved his artwork. We were both very keen to adapt this sort of silhouette look into a pipe carving pattern. It seemed to be ideal for the season!