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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1962lb

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Easily the most complex and labor-intensive application of this carving style I've attempted thus far. It's also just the second natural we've produced in this finish, and I was really hoping it would be flawless enough to remain unstained because I think a staining-and-highlighting finish would have been overkill for this pipe. It took a ridiculously long time just to come up with the basic design of the carve - It's not just "Sit down and start cutting stuff", I put a lot of time and a lot of eraser work into figuring out how to arrange the carving pattern in a way that would flow with the pipe and give a result that was (very difficult) both organic AND symmetrical. A lot of initial ideas got drawn on and erased or sanded back off chasing this final layout, which I think has a pleasantly "Lothlorien" style to it while also managing to look more than a wee bit arcane.

It's a first in another way, too - This is the first time I've combined pointillist rustication with this carving linework style. I needed something to make the smooth bowl rim stand out, but the space wasn't ideal for carrying line carving over, so I broke out my little-used jeweler's hammer bit and worked the rim in very fine detail.