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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1948lb

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This is the third of these rusticated pipes to be fitted with a French-handcut horn stem. This and the second one represent two different approaches to the overall look - Here, the focus was on finishing the bowl and shank darker for a more vivid contrast between light horn and dark pipe. Pipe #1947LB is the opposite - There, I wanted to try leaving part of the bowl and most of the shank unstained to leave the briar as pale colored as possible to be "brighter", like the stem. I expected to have a clear favorite between the two but in the end, I like them both!

Two other small details set this one apart. It's the first one we've done with some bowl rim highlighting, where the rim isn't entirely fumed black. Check the bowl top close-up for this effect. Also, it's another one with finer cuts than many of the prior pipes. We've gotten in some new cutting blades and there are some very fine edges among them, so it will be possible to do finer linework in future.