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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1943lb

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When we started doing this rustication style earlier this year, I knew going in that it was going to be a tight fit, labor hour wise, into the $172 price point. It takes a lot of time to create these finishes and they really push against the allotted working time these pipes need to be finished in, in order to be profitable. And that's just speaking of the simpler carving styles, with the big simple curves and all. I've mentioned before that if they weren't selling as well as they do, I probably wouldn't be doing more of these. BUT, they did turn out to be popular, plus they're great fun to make, so they've continued... with one other big challenge following.

That challenge is more personal - I like to get more complex and experimental as I go. I get really bored doing the same thing over and over again, and whenever I do a new finish or shape or theme, it tends to get more and more complex as more examples are produced. I knew this was likely to happen with this finish, too, and over the past month or so Em and I have both been experimenting with more swirls, tighter patterns, more details, etc... all of which run up the labor time, unfortunately.

This pipe is an attempt to find a fix for this issue. I wanted to do a very elaborate swirled feather pattern of carving on this and knew it was just too much working time, so I've decided to let the buying public decide what they want. This pipe is stamped and graded '1 EXTRA', which literally means, "Extra labor". It's not a great deal more expensive than the regular rustications, but that extra $20 in the price does help cover some more time spent doing those tight carving lines and flared patterns. The design in this instance is feather-based, with three "quills" entwined at the bowl base and curving out and upward, to wrap the bowl in their radial flares.

I plan on doing some more of these with progressively more sophisticated carving patterns over time, and I hope these "Extras" will prove to be a success!