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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1928lb

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Dang, this thing was hard to photograph. It's red/orange tinted over contrast black, but it came out looking everywhere from brown to crimson depending on how it was facing into the studio lights. This is why real photographers get paid money for this stuff, whereas I mostly just stumble and curse. In any event, I think I got the grain and the color contrast and the shape down well enough in the above pics to give a good look at the pipe, even with a little lighting struggle. I've been spoiled by those rusticated pipes, which take great photos in any lighting condition thanks to not being reflective!

There's a small story behind this one - The stem has been assembled and ready for nearly 3 years now! Emily had put it together back before her parents first started having their health issues, and it pretty much got abandoned and lost at her workstation from 2017-2018. Meanwhile, I'd picked out a bunch of these square-shanked billiards to rusticate, because many people were asking if I'd make more of them. This was the next pipe in the production queue but when I sat down to work on it, the bowl I'd grabbed had a chamber flaw and ended up in the trash. When I went to grab another, I picked out this beautiful smooth instead. When I realized it was going to be a smooth, I opted to go for a nicer stem treatment, which led to Emily digging up this stem she'd prepped, and voila, an unexpectedly perfect combination of elements all came together to make a very beautiful pipe!