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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1924lb

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I realize it's a strange choice to make an underside photo the "feature pic" above, but I wanted to show how all of the carving patterns came together and curled and fanned outward. This was a challenging thing to photo, because when you have it in hand and can turn and rotate it, you can see how all the lines flow, yet in 2D flat angle pics, one only sees a couple of the bowl side panels. This is the first paneled pipe like this that I've tried this new rustication on and the big question was how to work the carving across the paneled bowl - If I carried the lines across the edges of each flat panel, the edges would quickly vanish under the carving cuts and the sharpness of the panel shape would be lost. So, I opted instead to create focal points on the top and bottom of the shank and let all the carving flow out and up the bowl from there.

This is also a good bowl for those looking for larger pipes. While Ligne Bretagne big is not "Big", the chamber is a bit larger and has more capacity than a lot of the other LB shapes.