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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1911lb

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Here's an example of how new circumstances force evolution of a technique. I've been really enjoying these crosshatch rustications so far, though I commented at one point that I suspected the look would evolve a great deal by the end of this year, once I'd experimented with it a bit. This is the first example of evolution here - I love this particular Ligne Bretagne bowl shape. I love how it looks like a clay pipe, I love the slight forward cant of the bowl, I love the size, and I love the light weight of this design. However, the light weight is achieved because the bowl walls aren't hugely thick, and in the past this has rendered this pipe shape un-rusticateable, as there just isn't enough "meat" in the bowl walls to allow for deep carving.

I wanted to try my new technique on a pipe of this style to see if I could remedy that problem. It meant I couldn't cut as deeply as I have on prior rustications like this, but I substituted finer lines, more linework, and a different style of highlight contrasting to produce what may be my favorite version of this look so far. I love the swirls, it feels good to hold, and in the end I barely took any wood out of the bowl at all, unlike what a typical coral-style rustication would have removed. Yep, definitely doing more like this.