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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1909lb

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This pipe and its larger-side bulldog sibling pretty much function as the summation of the Ligne Bretagne brand, at least in terms of my ideal that Ligne Bretagne works as an affordable, "budget Dunhill". I've always admired the classic shapes and particularly a lot of Dunhill's blasts and finishes, and LB is my personal attempt to offer an homage to their brand for those buyers who might not have a $600+ per pipe budget to buy with.

This is a smaller pipe so big bowl guys should avoid, but it has a lot to offer for those seeking a 15-20 minute smoke. Aside from the sharply-defined implementation of the squat bulldog shape, the sandblast on this pipe just came out beautifully. As with many others before it, I was chasing the look of the "well-used Dunhill Shell", preferably 40-s-50's vintage... In other words, a deeply craggy surface with highlighted edges from decades of use. It's actually a three-toned stain finish here - One dark tone for depth contrast, another for highlights, and a final highlight tint after the prior tint has been removed from the outer contact edges. The result is a lot of visual depth and impact, particularly for a new & unsmoked pipe and especially for one in this price class.

The bit buttons of the stem have been slimmed for comfort, and the internal V-slot has been widened and deepened to allow for smooth and easy passage even of extra-fluffy pipecleaners. In a nutshell, it's a smoking machine.