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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1908lb

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I love these bowls. I don't seem to make them that often, and I'm not sure why... Probably because short-length pipes like this can sometimes be slow to sell, but this bowl does not look good with a long stem. It pretty much demands to have a short, stubby, tapered saddle stem, and that makes it something of a challenge to capture in photographs - From the side, the stem looks tiny compared to the bowl and one can't see the visual weight balance between bowl and shank without seeing the pipe from top and side angles.

The other nice thing about this bowl is that it's one of the larger Ligne Bretagne bowls. It has a wider chamber, it's taller, and it holds overall more volume. It's not a Dunhill ODA or anything, but by Ligne Bretagne standards, it's a long smoke. This particular example displays a beautiful forward-fanning pattern of age rings, with all the grain splashing forward to a bird's-eye-covered front. I opted to try something new with this one, also. I typically cut a single or double ring on the widest part of the bowl on these shapes, and here I chose to apply a carved finish I've recently developed. Our Instagram followers will know it - the rustication pattern I dubbed the "crosshatch" finish. In this pipe's application, I very carefully went around the entire ring - being careful not to cut or skip up or down onto the sandblasted bowl! - and hand-crosshatched the ring. The result is an intricate mesh that just about requires a magnifying glass to appreciate but which (I hope) gives the ring a bit of extra visual "oomph" and crackle over just leaving it smooth.

As with all current Ligne Bretagnes, the bit buttons have been slimmed for comfort, and the internal V-slot widened and extended deep into the stem to allow for easy passage of even extra-fluffy pipecleaners from bit to bowl.