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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1907lb

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If this pipe looks a bit familiar to anyone, it was originally selected and drilled to be one of our Yule Pipes from 2016 - the ones with the smooth paneled tops and the carved swirls and flourishes. While working on this one, thanks to my own clumsiness I managed to sand a divot in the bowl rim that required the top to be reshaped somewhat, and the reshaped version with its pointy bowl rim was too different from the other Yule Pipes to match the set, so I set this one aside to finish later. The other Yule Pipes had flat rims around the bowl chamber, where this one has this repeated curved styling which I actually really like - Proof that sometimes accidents can take us to more interesting places.

So, the bowl sat for the last two years while the chaos of the last two years happened, and I found it the other day while sorting through open projects. It was immediately obvious that this one deserved to be finished, and voila, now it's Christmas (sort of) in February! The deep red of the lower sandblasted body and shank is the custom-mixed "Yule Red" tint that Emily blended for the 2016 Yules, while the smooth rim is unstained. The intricate shank band is one we found in our briar cave in France. They're wonderfully detailed but I've only got a couple dozen of them left, so I use them sparingly... but felt this was an ideal application, since it does help give the pipe an extra bit of "Christmas-ey" spirit.

Another point of recommendation is that insanely light weight. It's a small bowl, no doubt about it, but the wide, thick walls should keep it comfortable to hold and it promises to be ideal for any situation where weight is an issue - One could clench this all day without a strain! As with all current Ligne Bretagnes, the bit buttons have been slimmed for comfort and the V-slot smoothed and widened and extended deep into the stem, to allow for easy passage of even extra-fluffy pipecleaners from bit to bowl