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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1906lb

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These bowls are essentially a smaller and lighter version of our Fat Dwarf bowls, but with slender shanks instead of the FD's massive shank. As such, they make a cool and funky alternative to the common classical shapes with their six-paneled design and curved bowl rims around flat bowl tops. The shape gives the bowl durably thick walls for hand-holding comfort and yet it's squat enough to keep the overall weight down - This pipe comes in at a super-light 26.5 grams.

The bowl displays a beautiful crosscut grain pattern with focused bird's-eye on the lower left side panel that flares outward and up to make a bird's-eye spread across half the curved rim of the bowl and flame grain on the panels. Looking at it from panel to panel, it illustrates a remarkably technical diagram of how grain flows within the briar, and one can follow the grain from bird's-eye point to bird's-eye point. It's finished in a multi-toned contrast stain, with the grain itself darkened for stronger contrast, then topped by a final tint of fiery red.

The stem is fitted with a polished brass decor ring, and features the style of slimmed buttons and deeply channeled V-slot that are standard on Ligne Bretagnes now. The internal wide slot design helps insure that even on a thin bit like this, an extra-fluffy pipecleaner can still pass smoothly from bit to bowl.