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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1903lb

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New rustication style! I've been a little bored with all the coral and rock-like rustications I've done, and I wanted something that looked radically different from the typical rustications on the market. Also, since a lot of our Ligne Bretagne shapes are panels, have flat planes, etc, I had a practical need for a rustication style that wouldn't break off the edges so badly - Nail-bundle carving tools tend to grab any sharp edge and tear it off in chunks. I wanted a style that would look good but also let the pipe's own shape details show through.

So, I went into the workshop and sat and tried different ideas for a week, and eventually began to look back to my pen & ink illustration days. I was thinking about ink crosshatching and how I'd use it to build form on paper, and wondered if I could accomplish something similar with line cuts on briar, so I tried about 35 different cutting tools until I found the ones that did wahat I wanted, and voila... the pipe you see above!