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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1902lb

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Here's a real oddity to kick off the year with. I was looking for some new LB stummels to line up for production, and while digging through a box of bulldog roughs I found this one tiny little stummel, a 4-paneled Prince. What it was doing in that box I have no idea... These are the mysteries we bring back from France. It may very well be a one-of-a-kind Ligne Bretagne, as I haven't seen any others like it that I remember. It's about the size of the Gnomes that we made a couple years back, but we had a ton of them and this seems to be a one-off.

It also turned out to be a challenging pipe to photograph. It had four flat panels - sides, front, and back - with rounded Prince corners, and between that and the black stain, it tended to either look like a normal Prince or a cube, spending on what angle I shot it from. I hope the pics convey the shape well enough.

Given its petite size, I've marked it down to a lower-than-normal price for its grade. It's a beautiful bowl, with sharp sandblasting of intricate detail. Also, the thing weighs practically nothing, and would probably make a phenomenal tobacco taste-tester.