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Ligne Bretagne Pumpkin Madness #1901lbh

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So here we are at another Halloween season, and this one finds us with a LOT more time and creative freedom than the last few years. I arrived here with two projects in mind - A Talbert Briar Halloween "Pumpkin King" of massive scale that I started 2 years ago and which has been waiting to be finished since, and the general idea for another Pumpkin pipe of some sort to be done as a made-to-order Ligne Bretagne, much like the LB October Pumpkins of the past couple years. That's what this, the model pipe for a series of pipes like this that will be made to order for each purchase.

To be clear, this is the FIRST pipe in a series like this. Unless you happen to be the very first person to purchase, the pipe you receive won't be this exact one but it will be comparable, and I'll send photos of your specific pipe first to be sure you like it before shipping. I'll keep them very similar, though they are handmade items and some bits will change from pipe to pipe just for individuality's sake, like the pumpkin expressions. So...

How do I order one? Just purchase it from the 'Buy Now' button above. Paypal will process your payment and your pipe will go into our production queue. When it's finished, I'll send you pics and if you like it, we'll pop it in the mail.

How long will it take? Anywhere from a week to a few weeks. I'm only taking orders for these in small batches this year. I got into trouble in prior years from unexpectedly high sales and ended up with six months of backed-up Pumpkins to make, and that's not happening again. I will open this page for orders a few orders at a time, finish and ship those pipes, and then open this page for orders again.

It says "Orders are Closed" but I want a pipe! Check back again later, subscribe to our email notice list to be alerted when orders are open, or follow Talbert Pipes on social media for alerts each time I open for orders again. I don't want to stack up too many orders at once, so I won't be taking orders for future pipes while working on a current set.

Can you make mine just like this, but twice the size and with a churchwarden stem and a billiard bowl shape instead? No. They're going to stick to the style above, that's the whole point of selling a pipe design as a series. We make them in groups to make the labor more efficient.

Why is this year's pipe more expensive than last year's? Well, inflation happens, but the more proper answer is that it's a LOT more labor intensive to carve this one. I went into this project with two conflicting goals - To try and keep this pipe around the cost of the prior ones, and to make give it more impact. Somewhere about halfway into the carving, I realized that I had two choices - Either slap it together to shoot for a lower purchase price, or just settle in and go crazy and make it as much fun as I could. I picked the latter. I feel they're fairly priced considering the number of simplistic Danish-ey blobs out there selling for more with 1/5th the labor time, but we'll see how it goes. It takes a LOT of carving time to make one of these and I do not want to get burned out on them trying to make fifty orders again, so that's why I've chosen to do a smaller number of more elaborately carved pipes for a higher price each.



In regards to the pipe itself, my number one goal was for it to be FUN. I hit on the concept of the bowl covered with pumpkins early in the design process, and from there it quickly morphed from a typical "single pumpkin" style to the current "Pumpkin Madness" overload. Plus, multiple pumpkins per pipe lets me indulge in all manner of pumpkin expressions, something I enjoyed playing with on the 2017 and 2018 Pumpkins. The most common request on the previous years' Pumpkin series was for a bigger bowl, so this one sports a slightly larger bowl and chamber. It's still not "big" by any means, but it's a bit less of a thimble than the 2017-2018 pipes. Size in this case is a big impact on price - The bigger the pipe, the more surface to carve, and the faster the labor hours and price climb.

The custom pipe bags are being cut and sewn here by my wife, maker of all our special edition pipe bags in the past. That's the pipe on its bag in the last photo above.