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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1834lb

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This one just blew me away. I could tell it was going to make a nice blast form looking at the age ring patterns on it while it was still smooth, but I had no idea the briar would be this cooperative and produce something so dramatic. It's a rather crazy thing, with the warbled and wild rings patterns of old briar making it strikingly textured to the touch. The bowl has one really fantastic side and one more random side, which kept it out of grade 4 contention, but still, it's an absolute jaw-dropper for the price.

The stem is French-handcut natural horn and it's a beauty too, with a mostly deep grey color streaked with creamy grain. I left the bowl chamber bare in this one rather than applying our normal carbonizing, so it will be a little more "woody" in flavor during break-in and will need a bit more care so as not to damage the bowl walls. I thought it went very nicely in keeping with the unstained, all-natural look of the pipe, though.