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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1832lb

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A "working smoker". Some pipes you buy for their amazing grain or exotic shapes, but here is one meant primarily to be a performance instrument - Very old, very hard briar that rings like a wine glass when tapped with a nail, a fairly large bowl by chamber capacity (at least in comparison to sibling Ligne Bretagnes), a ribbon-thin bit for comfort, ultralight weight, and even the unusual ability (for a canted Dublin, anyway) of being able to set it down and have it rest upright, if there's no pipe stand handy.

It has a nice crossgrain ring pattern that's been highlighted by our house "red & black" two-toned staining finish, where the black topcoat is rubbed back to reveal the highlights of the red-tinted briar beneath. While it shows some good age rings across the front and back of the bowl, its best side is probably the right side, looking down from the bit, which is absolutely covered in pinpoint bird's-eye, so tight that in my photo above it mostly just looks like a bunch of tiny dots. Ultimately, though, it's not a pipe for grain, it's a pipe for smoking - There is literally nothing here that is not somehow required for the process of being an excellent smoking pipe. When talking design vs function, this is the sort of pipe that's an all-time example of the "Let function create form" outlook.