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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1831lb

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This is the first smooth contrast stain I've done in a while, but I wanted to check and see if the contrast-staining liquids I mixed were still good - The stuff is all-natural and has a short shelf life compared to commercial stains. From the results, I'd say it's got some months of use yet beofre I need to mix a new batch, given how sharp and distinct the black grain contrast came out. I finished it with a transparent tint of golden yellow/amber to give it a nice rich luster, and really let the grain of the bird's-eye pop. The grain centers on the lower side of the bowl and expands outward from there (See the "underside" photo above) in a wonderfull nice radial fan. Some small spots kept it out of contention for our top grade, but for anyone looking for a showpiece smooth, it's a terrific example of the classical Prince rendered with contrast-grained Danish finish. .

The stem is French-handcut natural horn in a finely grained creamt milk white, which unfortunately wanted to burn out a lot in the pics. I did manage to get a decentshot of it in the close-up above, though, where it shows the stem and shank join. There you can at least see the angelhair grain of the horn.

Also, I tried a different background in the photo booth with this one. The black background was nice but had some serious issues with some pipes, where the overall shape of the pipe would tend to vanish into the black surround. Here, I tried a mottled brown instead, in hopes it would provide a nice backdrop while also letting the shape and silhouette lines of the pipe show clearly.