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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1829lb

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A beautiful canted Dublin/billiard blast (I'll leave it to the shape gurus to argue over which, though for me a billiard is always more egg-shaped than straight-sided). I took a couple extra photos of this one because the bowl is absolutely covered in good photo angles - You've got the tight center of bird's-eye high on the right rear side, the expanding age rings that wrap around the bowl, and then that pretty terrific display of sandblasted bird's-eye on the left side... and even a nice age ring pattern across the bowl rim. It doesn't have a "bad viewing angle" so I was mostly trying to just keep the number of photos DOWN rather than worrying about getting good shots.

The stem is another French-handcut piece in natural horn, with a lovely color tone range. It goes from milky cream all the way to dark brown in streaks, and looks fantastic. The bit is the usual deep V-cut for easy cleaner passage and effortless draw.