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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1828lb

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This paneled bowl shape has proven to be a really popular seller for us lately. It helps that it's one of the larger Ligne Bretagne bowls, not as tall as some but trading bowl height for larger chamber capacity and improved all-around smoking performance with a wider variety of tobacco cuts. I'm looking at the photos right now and kicking myself for not getting a top-down shot to really show off the six-paneled shape of the bowl from above, but there are versions of that view in previous renditions of this shape in the recent catalog entries, so I hope that will suffice.

The real star here is the grain, obviously, with deep-textured sandblasting that brings every detail of the briar into clear relief, enhanced with a little contrast-staining magic. The stem is a French-handcut horn stem, and I didn't do the usual close-up shots of it to show off its grain because it's so dark it just looks black in every photo - It's actually a very, very dark brown/charcoal in color, with small grey flecks that mostly just ended up looking like dust specks when I tried to catch them on film, so in the end, I had to just accept that this was not a horn stem that was going to be photography-friendly. I think it looks nice against the polished shank band, though, combining with the sandblasted bowl grain to produce a look that's somehow both wild yet also dressy.