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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1827lb

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This one made a nice demo of my new photography lightbox setup. That black background really lets every detail of the sandblasting stand out clearly, and there's plenty to look at as the crazy surface grain is a wild collection of age rings, crosscut, and bird's-eye. It's actually reminiscent of some of the older English blasts of the 40's and 50's, which I suppose shouldn't be surprising given that the briar is from that era anyway.

The stem is a French-handcut piece of natural horn, with some really rich color and grain gradations. I've had this stem sitting in my "Save it for something special" box for probably six months now, ever since I found it while digging through our horn stem stock, and this seemed like an ideal usage. Unfortunately I really *wasn't* able to get a very good shot of it with the new background setup - still going to be a learning curve, obviously - but on the plus side, it will look better than the buyer expects it to! For the finish, I applied a simple two-toned contrast effect that I like - a deep yellow/gold base color to the wood topped with a thinned rich brown, mostly rubbed back to highlight the outer surface texture of the grain.