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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1826lb

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Now THIS is the pipe that sold me on the new photography lighting arrangement! This is the sort of pipe with grain that can't take a bad photo, but still, the contrast here really lets every detail of the surface "pop". The tight squirmy bird's-eye looks terrific on both sides, and it's a textbook example of ideal crosscut age rings. I finished it with a nice contrast stain to accent the highlights of the blast even further, and this is one of the few stain colors that really works well with these pale French-handcut horn stems. The long stem gives the whole thing a wonderfully elegant style and it's an ideal featherweight pipe, but that light-colored horn wants to burn out in most photos. I was really pleased to get the close-up shot of the stem and shank join where it shows the subtle grain coloration of the horn.

I'm not going to say a lot more about this pipe, as I suspect those close-up photos up there will do the best job of selling it for me! I'm sure it probably seems like we've been producing a lot of panels lately, but that's just how I am - I'll get on a kick of one particular style and do a whole bunch of them in succession for a while, and then move on to something else. I'm enjoying these a lot, though, as I love how the blasting tends to come out with the age rings practically outlined on their own panels adjacent to the bird's-eye displays.