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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1825lb

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This was the perfect pipe to test out our new photo lightbox with, as it is exactly the sort of pipe I'd normally have a tough time with - A darker bowl, a horn stem with a lot of grain detail, and a bright polished band to really freak out the camera's light meter. Thankfully the new lightbox seems to be performing well and voila, here is a nicely dramatic set of catalog photos! Removing a lot of the distracting background texture really lets one focus on the details of the pipe, which works well here with the fine texture of the sandblasted surface. These panels are essentially billiards with six flat sides, and they're more challenging to blast as a by-product of that - You can't just go in with heavy blasting pressure or you risk deforming the flat edges and shape of the panels.

Once it was blasted, I finished it with our always-popular two-toned contrast finish, with red-brown highlights and dark recesses. The bowl rim is smooth polished to really help show off the paneled shape, as you can see above in the top-down view of the pipe. The real star here, however, is the French-handcut horn stem - the grain and coloration on it is excellent, with a lot of color striation and variance, and I'm really happy with how that close-up shot of it above came out. This particular panel has been really popular for us lately... I'm guessing it's the appealingly slightly chunky looks and the larger-than-usual bowl chamber that's been selling them.