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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1824lb

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I liked that black horn-stemmed panel we sold recently enough that we decided to do several more like it, along with some other panels also. I wanted to finish them in a variety of color and stain combinations and after doing a pair of jet-black ones, this one seemed an ideal candidate for a warmer contrast-stain approach. These creamy pale French-handcut horn stems go ideally with this warm orange/red finish, I think, with the polished band to give the whole thing that bit of eye-catching flash.

The best thing about this pipe is the bowl grain, though - Check out the close-ups above of the bird's-eye side, especially, and also the cross-grain shots. You can virtually see the layout of briar grain in the block panel by panel on this pipe, with a flat plane of bird's-eye adjacent to a beautiful slice of age rings as they fan side to side. I gave it all a two-toned finish, with deeper and darker color tones in the recesses to help amplify the texture of the surface and especially let that sharp bird's-eye pattern "pop".