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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1822lb

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We've sold quite a few of these Dublins lately - They're consistently good briar quality and one of the larger Ligne Bretagne bowls, along with being just really good classical pipe designs, with open, easy draws, maximum chamber-to-bowl size usage, light weights for their size, and just generally the all-around archetype of a "good pipe". This one will be a great bargain for anyone looking for a smooth at a slightly lower price than our grade 4s. It's a nice piece, but the bowl grain wasn't up to grade 4 quality, I didn't feel like, although... ridiculously enough... the shank WAS. The shank grain is downright gorgeous, of "super expensive Danish grain" quality, and it's still a really nice example of a crossgrain pipe in any event. I just didn't feel the bird's-eye was quite on par with a grade 4 like this one, for instance, which is flawless and covered in birdies.

The stem is a French-handcut natural horn piece, with gentle caramel and golden brown grain coloration that I worked hard to color match with the bowl's finish. The coloration is actually 3 stains in all - a rich brown for the contrast stain layer, then topped by two variations of yellow to get the bowl tint just right to harmonize with the stem.