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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1821lb

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It's a chunky little monster :D This paneled bowl is one of our more popular Ligne Bretagne standard shapes because it's lightweight but also has a bigger chamber capacity than many of the other shapes. I built the entire pipe around the stem in this case - It's a French-handcut natural horn stem with downright gorgeous coloration in an almost black & white movie pattern... Rich blacks streaked with pale, milky white grain and shades of charcoal grey. It's a beautiful stem. I wanted to use it and the coloration pretty much demanded going in that the pipe had to be jet black, so I opted for the eye-catching snazziness of the polished band/black bowl/horn stem combination to create the pipe you see here. Not quite "formal" but sharper than "casual", it's a really well "dressed" look, I think.

I know that probably some folks won't like the polished natural countersink around the bowl chamber but we've done this on a few black pipes previous and I'm fond of the look - It helps break up the black color monotony of the black-finished bowls and is practical as well, since the rim that builds up the soot form smoking is already unstained and therefore easier (and no worry) to scrub clean if the owner prefers keeping his bowl top tidier looking. It would be very easy to take a small Dremel polishing wheel and go round the chamber bevel to remove all the accumulated cake and keep this thing looking near new forever. I also think that bright natural wood ring is a nice counter to the brightwork ring of the shank band.

A cool and unusual oddity, which is what we specialize in! :D