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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1819lb

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We've been having a really nice run lately with long-stemmed billiard/Bing-style pipes, and here's another. This time we have a paneled bowl, too, in billiard silhouette. I've never been particularly crazy about paneled pipes because a lot of times they look a little clunky to me, but I like these and most of the other Ligne Bretagne panels because they've got a considerable degree of grace about them. Grace and elegance are definitely the keywords here, with a pencil-thin shank, feather weight, and long stem coupled with a nice-sized bowl. Like the pipe I posted last night, it's very much a "tavern clay" in overall spirit, but rendered in briar, and the precise lines of the bowl carry through the sandblasting well to keep the bowl shape defined even with the surface blasted to reveal the grain.

The stem is a French-handcut natural horn piece, and once more I managed to get a decent photo of it in the close-up of the shank, as light-colored as it is. It has a good bit of color variance in it, which shows best in the top-left photo above where you can see the pale cream color of most of it, the dark streaks of grain from the briar shank, and the soft coffee-caramel color tones of the bit. The bowl is a crosscut blast showing age rings from side to side (see the front-of-bowl and back-of-bowl pics above) finished in a two-toned contrast stain to help the outer edges of the surface "pop" with lighter tints.