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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1816lb

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I am growing ridiculously fond of these billiards very quickly. We've made several of them recently so people are probably getting tired of seeing them, but I just really like the overall proportions - It's a sort of "Billiard, en-dwarfened", with the slightly shorter stem and shank still matching the Golden Ratio measures of the classical billiard to produce a shirt-pocket-sized pipe that offers a nice-sized bowl for a good smoke yet is easily portable, and is a tidy piece of pipe design art in the process. This one is a beautiful example of the species, with cross-cut grain that covers the bowl in super tight bird's-eye spread across both sides and linear grain down the front, back, and stem. Check out the close-up bowl photos above, it's a bird's-eye marvel!

The stem is a French handcut natural horn piece, with fine ivory grain that I once again managed to get a pretty decent photo of in the close-up shot. My camera must have decided to like me better in 2018. The bowl came out so flawless in grain and wood that I was able to leave it completely unstained, just polished and waxed, for that soft golden amber color tone that darkens so nicely over the years as it is smoked. We also left out our usual bowl carbonizing here, thought it can be added on buyer's request. As perfect as the grain was, I wanted the pipe to be a purist's dream - All "virgin" everything, unstained bowl, briar chamber, and natural horn stem. With the sole exception of the tenon, everything else in this pipe *grew*, out of nature.