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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1815lb

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I'll go ahead and get the potential negatives out of the way first - This is a small pipe, so it's not going to appeal to fans of big bowls. The fat walls and rugged surface make it anything but delicate in the bowl form, but still, it's a pipe for flakes and ropes and plugs, not ribbon, unless one is after a 10-15 minute smoke. Also, the sandblast is not for those who prefer their blasts precise and tidy, LOL... It was a genuinely WEIRD piece of briar and when I saw how impressively it was blasting, I just went all-out on it to create the wildly gnarly thing you see above. It looks less like it was carved than just *grown* this way, with deep grain lines, strong grain color contrast, and those amazing bird's-eye points that look like the eyes of some Lovecraftian beastie.

The stem is French-handcut natural horn in a beautiful pale milky color, finely grained, but really, that amazing bowl texture is probably all anyone's ever going to be staring at on this thing, it's that unusual. I gave it a coat of thinned dark stain to highlight the contrasts of the surface and otherwise just left it alone to do its own natural thing, which I find is usually the best option when it comes to briar. Big-pipe guys may not be interested, but for anyone looking for a featherweight (17.6 grams, seriously!) showpiece, here's your pipe!