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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1811lb

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Wow... I doubt I need to say much about this one, I can just let the photos do all its selling. If only all the blasts came out so well! The forward-flowing grain on this produced a pretty spectacular age ring pattern, with deeply craggy grain structure, pointy clusters of bird's-eye showing in the patterns, and a "Barely there" weight for a pipe with a bowl and chamber of this size (It's a bit larger in chamber size than most of the standard Ligne Bretagne shapes).

I just finished writing in the description to pipe #1810LB that these pale horn stems really only worked well with a few finish colors, and one of them was natural. And... Voila! It makes a nice color harmony, the unstained briar and the pale grain of the natural horn stem. Oh, and I should mention also that this pipe doesn't have our usual bowl carbonizing, though I will be happy to add it if the buyers desires. I thought I'd leave it out in keeping with the "all natural" theme of the pipe, though of course the usual caveats apply - Take a bit of extra care during break-in to avoid damaging the wood, and expect some more "woody" flavor in the first few bowls.