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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1809lb

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I feel like I shouldn't even SAY anything with this pipe, but just let the photos do all the selling. It's gorgeous - A subtle, unstained, natural beauty that Dunhill or Castello would slap a $1000+ price tag on for the sheer perfection of the briar. I've mentioned several times now that in the process of inventorying our briar stock, we'd found a selection of genuinely stunning rough-cut Dublin shapes, every single one of which was just jaw dropping. I've already posted a few of these over the past few months of updates, and here is another one - I set it aside in the express hope that it would be a completely unstained natural, and yowza... It certainly lived up to my hopes! I left the bowl chamber bare in this one, partly in keeping with the natural theme and also just because you can see the wood grain carrying through to the chamber walls. Check out the close-ups above, especially the full-size version of the "title" photo, where you can really see how the grain fans out from that tight bird's-eye cluster and covers the bowl.