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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1808lb

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Here's a very unusual Ligne Bretagne shape that we don't do all that often, due to its complexity - I generally think of it as a "pint glass" or ale glass, as the six paneled bowl is shaped just like a typical beer mug, with flat lozenge-shaped side panels and curved underside and top leading to the flat, smooth, polished bowl rim. This one actually came out remarkably flawless and if it had been any other shape it would have been a $186 Grade 3, but this bowl carries some unique requirements and the main one is that it simply CANNOT be blasted deeply. Otherwise, the bevels and edges of the design would utterly vanish. The sort of blasting I might do on a typical billiard or bulldog would only turn this bowl into a lumpy mess. Instead, I went intricate again, using our very finest blasting media to create a not-deep-but-highly-detailed relief texture of the grain. You can see the bird's-eye across the sides and the age rings running side to side, depending on which panel you're looking at. It's a smaller-sized pipe overall but the bowl is actually pretty large for the scale of the pipe, and the smooth rim in particular really shows off the grain of the wood.

I should also mention that this natural horn stem is a real beauty. It has some wonderful color range, from rich browns to soft caramels to milky white, and harmonizes well with the unstained bowl color.