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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1807lb

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A beautiful sandblasted acorn shape with strong age rings radiating out and upward from the bowl's lower left. This is one of the very few bent shapes in the standard Ligne Bretagne shape range, so I try to make a few of these every so often just for variety. It's a great shape for smoking - Very light, and favoring thin bits and a rather "elfin" character while also providing a larger diameter bowl chamber than most Ligne Bretagnes, couple with nicely thick walls. What I personally like the most, though, is the rounded bowl rim top - the way it doesn't actually have a flat rim but just rolls over from the curved exterior to flow down smoothly into the bowl chamber. It's oddly handy for filling, as everything tapers naturally inward, and it's also nice for those who tend to scorch their rims since it doesn't present a sharp, easily burned edge to the lighter flame.

The finish is a two-toned golden brown we've been doing often lately, as it's reliable to produce and nearly always looks quite striking. It's especially ideal for shapes like this where one has a lot of sharp details in the blast that can be further enhanced by contrast staining the recesses.

The tricky detail of these bowls has always been the bowl rings. It's an option - I put rings on some and don't on others, depending on the grain, really. However, when I do, the shank bend required me to grind a custom cutter just for this shape, as everyone who follows our Instagram page already knows!