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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1805lb

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A winning combo - One of the bigger Ligne Bretagne bowls, with comfortably thick walls yet pleasantly low weight, and a super semi-natural finish to top it off! I say "semi-natural" because, while it may look totally unstained, there was actually a fair bit of work involved in the finish you see above. If I'd left it completely natural, it would be a bit more evenly toned all over, but I wanted to bring out the grain contrast a wee bit more without making it look stained. I used a process that's served me very well in the pat, and produces one of my favorite finishes - A penetrating yellow/gold to give it that golden tint, followed by a penetrating oil that darkens the grain. Then the pipe must be very carefully sanded all over, again, to remove the "top" of the yellow and oil and let the natural briar show, while leaving just enough of the tinting within the wood to give i that "deep color" look and enhance the grain's contrast just the smallest bit. It's a lot of extra labor to go through for a look that's maybe 20% better than the natural briar, to my eye, but I still love it and feel it's worth the effort on a nice piece like this one. It's rare enough to find a smooth pipe that can be left unstained, so I figured it deserved some extra attention.

In keeping with the "all natural" theme, I've left the bowl carbonizing out of this one, so the owner should take some extra care during break-in. The stem is vulcanite, filed thin and flat at the bit for comfort, with a deep V-cut to the bit slot. It might look simple at first glance, but it's surprising how much time and attention can go into the finer details of a genuine classical shape such as this.