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Ligne Bretagne Collector #17c1lb

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This is pretty much my idea of the perfect pipe, right here. I've written before of how fond I am of my Dunhill in this shape, and I've always wished we had some bowls like this for Ligne Bretagne. Alas, doing them means making them from scratch, so they'll always be LB Collectors instead of the less expensive machine-cut shapes, but I'm content to make that sacrifice if it means they'll all come out looking this sharp. I knew that deep sandblasting depth wasn't going to be possible here, given how tightly packed the age rings are, so I focused on fine media and a detailed, sharper-edged blast instead. Check out the close-up of the bowl front lying on the lighter, above! That is some seriously dense age ring packing.

The fine detail drove the decision to stain it black, also, as solid black is excellent at showcasing complex surface texture without it getting visually muddied up by stain effects. Plus, I just think that a black pipe with some subtle accents - Polished copper stem rings and a natural bowl rim countersink - looks exceptionally nice. Very "black coat & tie", as it were!