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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C8lb

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Every so often, I'll post an update and think, "Well, that's the one that everyone's going to go for this time", and here, I suspect, is "that pipe" from this update. I turned the briar block sideways in the chuck and went as wide as I could to produce what, to my mind anyway, is what a proper hobbit pipe ought to look like. Would short round people who spent all day walking in the woods and working on farms carry around long fragile churchwardens like in the movies? I think not! I've always felt that designs like this were far more hobbity, with practical super-thick walls, simple curves, shapes to fit thick fingers, and overall dimensions that better suit carrying it around and tucking it into a vest or coat pocket.

When I drilled this, it turned into an increasingly pleasant surprise... I'd planned for it to be a simple sandblast from the start, but then I rough-shaped it and it was gorgeous and flawless, then I fine-shaped it and still no flaws appeared, then I carried right on through to the fine sanding and the thing ended up very nearly a perfect smooth. Pipes like this make me kick myself a little, because if I'd finished this as a Talbert Briar it would have cost $600+. As it is, it makes a fantastic little pudgy comfort pipe at a nice discount. And most ridiculous and fun of all, it's a Weeble...