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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C7lb

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I think this one has a distinctly sinister aspect to it, I'm not sure why. It's a graceful Danish egg shape, with that pleasing curvy egg feeling in the palm and hand, the whole pipe flowing smoothly down from bit to bowl rim in one elegantly expanding form. This is the first time I've used this shank band combo - It's a pair of polished brass rings capped around a black & gold mix of cast acrylic, with gold veins that appear to seamlessly swirl into the two brass rings. I look at it and think it's either a pipe for a banker or a Bond villain, and I'm not sure which!

The bowl itself displays some really stunning sandblasted age rings, very tight and very defined, spreading up and out across the bowl and up the shank. This pipe was borderline heartbreaking because it was almost a smooth, it was so perfect, but for just a couple of tiny spots that needed to be sandblasted out. However, I can't complain because I don't see blasts this nice every day, and ultimately I think the opaque black finish makes a better match for the vivid black & gold shank extension... That shank detail would probably have overpowered anything other than a solid black finish, it's so strong.