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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C6lb

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I made one similar to this a couple weeks ago and liked it so much I wanted to make another, or more. This one's a little taller of bowl than the first, with a more Oom-Paul-ish silhouette, plus it has the advantage of a considerably wilder sandblast. The briar was really friendly on this one, and blasted deep and extra craggy, with surface texture reminiscent of older Dunhill Shells. We enhanced the impact with our custom two-toned red & black finish, a deep penetrating red tint to the wood topped with opaque black that's been mostly rubbed back to leave red highlights. It's a time-consuming process but it produces terrific results when you've got a pipe like this that has a lot of wild grain to show.

The stem & shank rings are two olivewood rings surrounding a center of German cumberland rod, polished smooth and color-matched to the finish of the bowl. Despite the extreme bend, it passes a cleaner easily, and given the comfortable and convenient balance of the weight, it could easily be an all-day smoker. My goal here was to do a unique, handmade, curvier version of our LB Oom-Paul shapes, something that would fit perfectly into the palm and pretty much be all-curves. I mirrored the curve on the top of the shank into the bowl to match the curve of the bowl underside and mirrored again the underside curve of the stem to the underside curve of shank to bowl... It's a simple shape, but one with a lot of subtle symmetry and eye-pleasing contours.