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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C5lb

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Here's one that should please all the folks who want larger pipes from us - It's a little taller than our standard-model LB Oom-Paul, and with a bigger diameter bowl chamber, making it a pipe that can swallow a lot of tobacco at one go! I wanted it to be a nice, comfortable long-term smoker... Something simple and curvy that felt good in the hand and could basically be smoked all evening long. Much to my pleasant surprise, the weight even came in under the magic 50 gram mark, so not only will it hold a lot of tobacco but it's also an easy clench.

I liked this stem design a lot from a previous pipe I made, so I decided to do several more in this style - I like the sort of "semi-detached" look of the stem, and how it's a visually distinct element while still following the overall S-curve of the design from bit to bowl bottom. The blast came out great! The rings are two narrow bands of faux-ivory capping a cast-resin center that resembles malachite. The green ring is color-matched to the polished smooth bowl rim, and while it may not be obvious, the entire pipe is actually green... A very dark, very black green, but still green. I wanted to keep the overall color harmony even if the bowl seems solid black at first glance.