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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C4lb

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Obviously it's been far too long since I made any Talbert Briars, when even working on something like this, a supposedly more classical pipe brand, veers off into such exotic and serpentine stylistic territory. The funny thing about it is that the starting goal was a simple horn shape, with a twist - I liked the rings-and-round-bottomed-stem look on that Oom-Paul Collector I sold last week, and it set me to wondering... One of the more annoying design issues with horn shapes is the transition from bowl to stem. More often then not, horn pipes will end up with a "hump" on either the stem underside or top side (or, in the most egregious examples, both...) where the taper of the bowl and shank doesn't match the taper of the stem. It's visually jarring, at least for weirdos like me who fixate on such things. The alternative is to just use a saddle stem, which dodges the whole issue but can sometimes look ungainly, with a flowing smooth bowl curving down elegantly into a sudden chopped-off stem line.

Here, I thought I'd try the curvy tapered stem and shank end-cap look of the previous Oom-Paul to see how it would look. The tapered stem retains the curves and lines of the bowl while simultaneously being free to diverge from the silhouette arcs - The stem only has to match the bowl and shank curve on its side edge view, and the flared shank end cap lets me add some visual weight to the shank to help balance and mirror the flared bowl rim. I'm pretty fond of how it came out, though of course as always the crucial test is whether it will sell or not, and if anyone else likes it.

It is a difficult shape to communicate in 2D photos, so I've also posted a short in-hand rotation video of it on our Instagram page here -

I'm pleased with it! The guiding motif was "long and slinky" and I think I pulled that off decently - The whole thing has a very "Lord of the Rings", fantasy-esque feel to it while still being lightweight and practical. I've got to say, this is one of those pipes that if it doesn't sell, I won't be too upset, because I'm really, really tempted to keep it for myself...