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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C3lb

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The design aesthetic here was ruggedness - Short, thick-walled, practical, functional, and looking as if it's already been smoked for 50 years in howling sandstorms. It's a pipe that will most likely outlast the owner!

The texture on this is a mix of rustication and sandblasting. I sandblasted first, then sat down and studied the texture and carved out a coral-like pattern that followed the natural grain of the wood, then blasted again in a couple more stages, resulting in the extremely gnarly surface you see above. It is, I will readily admit, an acquired taste, but I love textures like this - They just look so "alive" and weathered at the same time, like some ancient oak tree that's been eaten at by wind and rain for a hundred years.

The countersink around the bowl rim is polished smooth and shows off some nice grain, along with the flat bottom of the flaring poker-style bowl. It sits easily on its base - Like I said above, practical was the keyword. The stem is a French-handcut horn with a beautiful display of caramel and mocha coloration and grain.