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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C12lb

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What is a Ligne Bretagne Collector? They are pipes that are handmade and shaped and unique, unlike our machine-fraised standard shapes. This one was a very pleasant surprise - A lot of people were fond of our Collector #17C2LB from earlier this year and I've had several requests to makes others like it. I'm just about out of the handcut horn stems in this size so there aren't going to be many more regardless, but they're enjoyable pipes to make and highly practical so I've done several of these now. This one, however... Well, the original and the others were all dark-stained pipes with essentially nondescript grain, with the focus on the sheer depth and intensity of the surface blast texture instead of on the grain itself. I expected this pipe to be the same, but when we started shaping it, the "meh" grain on the outside of the block sanded away to reveal some rather nice looking internal grain and this only got better and better once I started blasting.

It became obvious pretty quickly that this was going to be a higher grade of pipe than the original - Aside from the excellent stacked age rings and the VERY excellent depth of the blast, the freaking thing was obviously going to be a natural on top of it... No bowl flaws at all! But, it was also going to be more expensive than what the buyer had originally ordered, so here it is on the catalog page while I'm not off to make another of these that's hopefully a bit more like the original in both color and price. Once I saw how this was coming out, though, it would have been a crime to stain this pipe... As it is, it offers the potential of beautiful color darkening with use, made more-so by the fact that I've given the bowl an oil treatment that should enhance the coloring while adding a subtly nutty flavor to every smoke.

I mentioned "practical" above - The bowl bottom is flat and smooth and level with the shank bottom, so it sits naturally and its short length should make it ideal as a traveling pipe. The stem is French handcut horn from the Jura mountains, with some lovely grain patterning and color striation. Regardless, though, it's the blast that's the star here, and I believe it's easily equal to many pipes I've seen costing hundreds of dollars more.